Cloud Streams

Getting Your Clients On Board With Cloud Streams

It’s no secret that Cloud Streams delivers the fastest real estate listing alerts in the industry. As a tech savvy agent, you know this, which is why you are using Cloud Streams. (If you are not currently using Cloud Streams, try it free at But sometimes it can be difficult to get your clients to use a tool that they are not familiar with, which can pose an interesting challenge. With that said, this post will give you some ideas on how to overcome your client’s objections to using Cloud Streams to find their next home.
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How Bad Listing Photos Can Actually Help You Win

We’ve all seen those terrible listing photos on the MLS. You know, the ones with clothes all over the floor, messy desks, and kids’ rooms with toys strewn about. These photos are often so bad and so ridiculous, that someone even created a website solely dedicated to them: While you can’t stop bad listing photos from showing up on the MLS, you can use them to win your next listing.

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