Cloud Attract

Introducing Cloud Attract – The New Way To Generate Your OWN Leads

To say that the real estate industry is obsessed with lead generation, is an understatement. Where are you getting your leads from? How much are you paying for them? Which are the best quality? Because of this, companies that generate leads for you, are constantly under scrutiny. If you are paying thousands of dollars a month, you would expect to be delivered good quality leads, right? Sadly, this is not always the case.

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W+R Studios’ Co-Founder, Greg Robertson, Named Industry Influencer

Every year Inman News, the leading real estate news website, publishes “The Inman Real Estate Influencers List.” Inman’s editorial staff, along with suggestions from people outside of the company, work together to come up with a list of more than 100 top candidates. Big names include: Tom Ferry (from Tom Ferry – Your Coach, Seth Price (from Placester), Laura Monroe (from RealSatisfied), and Art Carter (from top MLS – CRMLS). This list signifies people who are making an impact in the industry, moving it in a positive direction, and changing things up. These are the people to learn from, so it’s important to pay attention to what they have to say and the moves they make.

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How To

The Art of Attracting Your Own Quality Prospects

When the online portals rose to popularity in 2008 they promised leads – lots of leads. And high quality ones at that. As a former sales rep for a major portal, I myself touted about our 2 million unique visitors a month and why spending advertising dollars with us would turn into more sales. Unfortunately, unless you created a team around responding to all the numerous leads, you were often left frustrated and disappointed.

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