Bookmark These 4 Photography Websites

A good photographer is always in touch with the latest innovations, trends, and equipment in the market, not to mention, constantly improving their technique. This especially rings true for DIY real estate photographers. Now that you know what equipment to use and the basic rules of photography, here are some great websites (in no particular order) that will help keep you up to date on everything photography. Best of all, they have great real estate sections!

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Tips and Tricks

Brokers, Do You Know How Your Website Is Performing?

Building your website didn’t happen overnight. You put in a lot of time, money, and thought into creating the perfect online representation of your brokerage. So, do you know how well it’s performing? What metrics are you currently measuring? There’s a saying that “things we measure are the things we improve”, so think about how many potential leads you might be losing from your website without knowing it. Luckily, Google offers a free tool to help you measure your site’s performance – meet, Google Analytics.
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Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA Publishes 10 Million CMAs

10 million of anything is a LOT. For example, 10 million paper clips would weigh over 22,000 pounds. 10 million pieces of paper would stack over half a mile high. So when we realized that 10 Million reports have been published in Cloud CMA, we were blown away!

To celebrate we grabbed the team at W+R Studios, did a little more math, and put together this short video:
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Cloud Agent Suite

Did You Know? Cloud Agent Suite Can Help At Your Next Open House

Open houses can be an excellent source of leads, but more than half of agents think they are a complete waste of time. When approached correctly, open houses can be a great way to bring new leads into your funnel and grow your business

With the right tools and lead generation strategies, you can get the most out of open houses. Using the Cloud Agent Suite, here’s a few ways to make your next open house worth your time:
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