10 Real Estate Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Podcasts (originally known as “audio blogging”) were first released in the 1980’s, but really gained traction around 2004 with the popularity of smartphones and iPods. They’re a great, free way to consume useful information on almost any topic you can think of – so why not real estate?

For agents that want to improve their business or learn about new tools and strategies, podcasts are a great resource. They’re easily accessible through your mobile device and convenient to listen to.

 I’ve spent the past few weeks listening to countless hours of podcasts and in no particular order, here’s my list of the top 10 real estate podcasts you should be listening to right now:

1. Top Agent Interviews – Only the most elite, top producing agents are allowed to speak on Mike Cerrone’s podcast. They discuss the tools they use, what it takes to stay on top, how they market themselves, and much more. Every guest agent has their own specialization in real estate and with almost 100 episodes, you’re bound to find something that peaks your interest.

2. Marketing Genius Podcast – This podcast is hosted by Matt Barba and Seth Price, CEO and VP of Marketing for the popular real estate CRM platform, Placester. They interview agents who understand the importance of digital marketing and cover topics like online presence, how to develop your brand, and how to provide an unforgettable experience to clients. They even bring on high profile industry guests such as Katie Lance, Jeff Turner, Dan Stewart, and more!

3. Real Estate Success Rocks – Most real estate podcasts take the stance that success equals more sales. In Patrick Lilly’s podcast he takes a different approach and explores the question, “What does success mean to you?” His podcast is very inspiring as everyone has a different definition of success. It’s refreshing to hear agents talk about how they use their passion, or found a passion that fueled their journey to “success.”

4. Super Agent Live – In Toby Salgado’s podcast he interviews over 200 agents and talks to them about their business strategies that brought them success. Many of his guests have unorthodox tactics or came to the industry from a unique background. For example, one agent and her team of 8 refuses to door knock and cold call, yet they still close a few hundred deals a year!

5. High Performance –  Australian based real estate coaches, Josh Phegan and Alexander Phillips only release 10 minute podcasts that are to the point and incredibly easy to listen to. They dive into common real estate problems and apply their own personal experience to discuss how they handled them.

6. Social Media Marketing PodcastIf you love social media or simply need some extra help in that department, this podcast is for you. Michael Stelzner isn’t in real estate, but make no mistake, he’s a social media guru. In addition to talking about strategies, Michael and his guests explain the how and why of social media rather than just saying “you need to do A and B.”

7. Agent Uprising – John Reh is a real estate coach who focuses his podcast on interviewing top producing agents. However, he also has shorter, more specific episodes that he calls “toolbox,” which goes into detail about subjects like working with renters, direct mail marketing, and open house gifts. They’re designed to help listeners add these tools and tactics to their own “business toolbox.

8. Onion Juice – Neil Mathweg creates his podcast to support his approach to real estate motto of “attract, don’t chase” clients. He discusses his non-traditional strategies for getting clients to come to you. For example, in one episode an agent networked, generated leads, and built his real estate business by driving for Uber!

9. Duct Tape MarketingJust like the Social Media Marketing Podcast, this isn’t directly related to real estate but rather covers digital marketing tactics like SEO, lead conversion, Facebook advertising and more. One episode that really stuck out was “How to Get a Meeting With Anyone.” This episode touches on sales calls and how to get a meeting – maybe with your next client?

10. The Real Estate Agent Podcast – In this podcast, Dave McGuire takes you along on his journey to become an exceptional broker. In each episode, he discusses different tactics he’s tried in order to increase sales – but they don’t always work out! Dave gives you the chance to learn from his mistakes so you don’t have to make them yourself.

Do you have a favorite podcast that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below what it is and why you love it! If you want to find more information on podcasts and have an iPhone click here. For Android users, click here.


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  1. I listen to a lot of great ones – but the one I always migrate to as my favorite is Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars.

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