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3 Ways To Be A More Authentic Real Estate Agent

In real estate, your appearance tends to be how consumers judge how successful of a real estate agent you are. Although, in most cases your success is relative – consumers also want to know that their agent is authentic.

Lets first define what the word authentic means.

                                        authentic: not false or copied; genuine; real

So what are some ways you can starting being more authentic and consumer-centric in your business?

  1. Bring more of YOU into your client relationships
    After all, your client decided to list with you and not one of your competitors. Sometimes it IS based off of experience and other times it’s just how comfortable they feel with you in general. By bringing more of your personality into your client relationships you will build a genuine friendship versus just a stale business relationship.
  2. Be the expert that you claim you are
    If you claim to be the “neighborhood expert”, “the short sale expert”, or even “the divorce specialist” then be 99% knowledgable on that area of real estate. If you are lying about your business before you even get a client then what should that person expect while dealing with you?
  3.  Start being realistic with your expectations
    If you make too many appointments in your day and always running late, it’s time to make a change. It’s vital to your business as well as your relationships with clients that you deliver on what you promise. At least most of the time.

Does selling multi-million dollar homes go hand in hand with driving a nice car? Maybe. Does it have to? Not really. A few years back I accompanied some friends of mine on a home search in the highly affluent neighborhoods of Pelican Crest and Crystal Cove in Newport Beach, CA (home prices range from 7 million to over 40 million). Although the real estate agent was able to get our 2 cars in to these highly secured gated neighborhoods (a sign to me that he had been there before) and show us multi-million dollar homes, he drove a fairly simple car and had a fairly simple demeanor. He did, however, provide excellent customer service and customer care which is likely why my friends chose him to represent them in their home-search.




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