5 Surefire Ways to Boost Productivity in 2017

We all share the same 24 hour day, yet how are some people able to conquer their day while you are left feeling overwhelmed and frazzled?

The secret is simple: productivity hacks. Using tools that automate processes and save you time, are a surefire way to get more done. As a busy on-the-go real estate agent, this will be your key for growing your business and getting more listings in 2017.

Check out these 5 surefire ways to boost your productivity and make life easier:

  1. Find a good CRM.
    Think of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a one-stop-shop for organizing all your contacts, setting reminders, and automatically communicating with people on your behalf. Employing the use of a CRM not only allows you to get more done in a day, but it saves you the headache of trying to do everything on your own. Plus, when you have more time (and can think more clearly), you are able to close more deals, faster. Popular CRMs for real estate agents include Follow Up Boss, Wise Agent and Boomtown (or you can read a full comparison here).
  1. Transcribe everything
    If you’ve recently updated your iPhone, you may have noticed that your voicemails are now automatically transcribed for you. I love this feature. If you are in the middle of a showing and can’t answer another client’s call, simply glance at your phone and read the voicemail instead of excusing yourself to listen. You can also transcribe your meetings with the help of a new technology called, Clarke. Clarke joins your conference calls, takes notes for you, and then emails you the notes afterwards. All you have to think about is the topic at hand and with whom you are talking to in the meeting. (Can I get a heck yes!?).
  1. Get a good email client
    So what is an email client? It’s an external program/app that allows you to access and manage all your emails. For example, whether your email is hosted through Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. you choose an email client to read and manage your emails in. Email clients like Boxer and Google’s Inbox allow you to easily prioritize, label, and folder all your emails in seconds.  Between online leads, current clients, past clients, and colleagues your inbox can get inundated with tons of emails, QUICK. A good email client helps to make sure you aren’t missing out on the important money-making emails amidst all the clutter.
  1. Automate Small Tasks
    Life is full of things to do and remember, and you are constantly being pulled between them all, which can leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. But what if you could automate some things to make your day a little easier? Apps like Zapier and IFTTT (If This Then That) can build “bridges” between two tasks that were previously unrelated. For example, with IFTTT you can automatically set alerts to anyone posting about real estate related topics on Craigslist. It can also remind you to drink water, automatically save notes, and build twitter lists from specific hashtags.  
  1. Get a landing page builder
    If you have your own real estate website, you know that a good and functioning website can cost thousands of dollars. Then, to make changes to that website, developers charge high hourly rates. So how can you get around having to pay a lot of money to test out new things with your website? With a landing page builder. Tools like Unbounce and Leadpages allow you to easily create new pages on your website without having to pay your website guy hundreds of dollars.

Do you have a productivity hack that you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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