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5 Things To Start Doing With Cloud CMA Today

If you are a Cloud CMA user, you already know it is the easiest way to create amazing looking reports that look professional and only take minutes to create. But did you know that you can do way more than just create reports with Cloud CMA?

Check out these 5 innovative ways to use Cloud CMA:

  1. Generate New Seller Leads
    Every Cloud CMA account comes with a FREE lead generation tool called the “What’s My Home Worth” landing page that you can share on social media, your website, blog, and even in your email signature! The “What’s My Home Worth” landing page helps you to generate leads from your best resource – your sphere of influence. To access your very own landing page, just visit the lead gen tab in your Account Settings!
  2. Prospect your past clients
    So many people think of CMAs as something you just bring to a listing presentation – but have you ever thought about using CMAs to proactively prospect to your past clients? Send them a CMA report (either via email or mail) and say something like, “Hey Mark, was thinking about you today and thought I would send you a quick update on what the market looks like in your area. Let me know if you have any questions and hope all is well!” Maybe they aren’t ready to sell right now, but it never hurts to stay top of mind with past clients.
  3. Send quick CMAs at your next open house
    Open houses are a great way to generate leads – and not just for the specific house you are listing. If someone is looking to buy a house there is a good chance they could also be looking to sell. But how can you grab their name, email, phone number and other important lead information? First, save your “What’s My Home Worth” landing page as an icon on your phone or tablet so that it’s easily accessible (see point #4 on this blog post for more details). Then once you find out that they are selling, offer to send them a market update specific to their home. Pull up your “What’s My Home Worth” landing page to capture their name, email, address, and phone number and automatically send them a CMA report on the spot!
  4. Add custom pages to your reports
    If you are a DIY-er and you love adding your own personal touch to just about everything, then adding your own custom pages to your Cloud CMA reports is for you! With Cloud CMA’s PDF upload tool, you can add custom pages about your marketing strategy, brokerage, community involvement, or anything else to your reports. You can design the pages yourself or use tools like Canva that have pre-made templates and design elements to help create professional-looking pages.
  5. Take your reports up a notch with designer covers
    If you aren’t much of a DIY-er or you simply never have the time, then adding Cloud CMA’s Power Pack is another great way to make sure your reports stand out! With the Power Pack you get 74 designer covers as well as custom content pages to add to your reports. With over 200,000 agents already using Cloud CMA, you need to do everything you can to continue to stand out. Try the Cloud CMA Power Pack FREE for 30 days.

So there you have it! Five new ways you can start using Cloud CMA today so you can generate more business. Be sure to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments below!


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