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5 Ways to Ignite Your Marketing Hustle like the #FastAgent

We have talked about the importance of standing out and developing your brand numerous times. The hardest part is actually figuring out what your brand is, right? Instead of talking again how about important this is, lets look at an example of how one agent turned his personality into a clever marketing campaign and recognizable brand in his market.


Kenny Fast, the #FastAgent

Meet the #FastAgent, also known has Kenny Truong, a real estate agent in Oakland, California. Truong goes by what has now become his real estate “alter ego” – Kenny Fast. If you drive around West Oakland (specifically the zip code of 94607) you’ll see #FastAgent on bus stops and signs literally everywhere. His signs are simple making passerby curious as to their meaning. What’s more important is that they are effective. His brand reflects his business model of “fast and good business is better than slow and great business.” He literally takes any listing and any buyer that comes his way. He works hard and it pays off.

Since his start in real estate in 2011, Kenny has not only conquered his market but also become nationally recognized as one of the most innovative real estate agents. No big deal. You totally have won national awards too, right?

Here are my takeaways from the #FastAgent approach.

  1. Being yourself pays off.
    You really are unlike any other agent. So how are you going to leverage yourself? Start tapping into your creative side and discover your niche.
  2. Use social media wisely. 
    By using #FastAgent it is easy for consumers to find Kenny on social media and tag him in any pictures they take. In addition, Kenny can also easily find anything that someone posts about him by simply searching #FastAgent. Social media is a powerful free way to promote yourself when positioned correctly.
  3. Design an effective strategy to deal with online leads.
    A lover of technology, Kenny has a built a follow-up strategy for any online lead. Designing a way to stay in touch and asking for business is important with online leads that tend to be flighty.
  4. Understand your market.
    If you do a Zillow search for Kenny’s zip code, 94607, home prices do not top 700,000. If you know anything about the real estate market in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is extremely low and rare. Despite lower prices, Kenny targets this market and knows that he will have to sell more homes to make a return on investment.
  5. Grab the opportunity that others won’t.
    No one wants to sell ten 350,000 listings if you could sell three 1,000,000 listings. With that being said, there is an opportunity in selling the homes no one else wants to.

Follow the fast agent on Instagram (@Kenny_Fast or #fastagent) or visit his website for inspiration!


The #FastAgent advertising in West Oakland



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  1. Hey Keith, me too! I love how he leveraged social media to effectively build up his brand. Goes back to the fact that there is no “one size fits all” approach in marketing.

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