The 6 Biggest Real Estate Marketing Myths, Squashed!

With more than 2 million active real estate agents nationwide, there is sure to be information that gets passed around incorrectly. Remember the childhood game of telephone? By the time the sentence reached the end person, the message had completely changed. Marketing tactics in real estate are no different. Everyone constantly tells you to, “do this” or “do that”, but how do you know who and what to believe?

Whether you’ve been in real estate a while or are just starting out, you may have heard these 6 myths – but here’s why they’re just downright untrue.

Myth no. 1 – Your website is “set it and forget it”
Your website has been created and looks great, so your work is done, right? Wrong! Despite what you may have heard, this is when the real work begins. It’s important to consistently put work into your website by creating and promoting new content, because it keeps your website up-to-date and relevant. Check out this blog post on how to clean up and keep your website up to date.

Myth no. 2 – Video and 3D are a waste of time and money
Think video and 3D are only for luxury listings? Wrong! There is a huge misconception that small homes and fixer uppers don’t deserve video or 3D marketing. But why wouldn’t they?  Having video and 3D images not only allows potential buyers to pre-screen homes, but also helps to prevent them from wasting their or your time if they have no interest in the property.

Myth no. 3 – DIY Photography is good enough
A lot of agents feel that professional photography is expensive, and because of this, will take it upon themselves to take their own property photos. But most photographers are not as expensive as you think! Consider hiring a local photography student looking to build their portfolio, they will charge less than professional photographers but still make your listings stand out! Just look at the photos below of the same property; the image on the left is a personal photo, while the photo on the right is taken by an experienced photographer. Which photo stands out more to you?

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.48.29 AM
Myth no. 4 – If you’re getting referrals, you can stop marketing

So you’re getting referrals? Great! But they won’t last forever unless you are constantly marketing yourself. Marketing helps put new contacts into your business funnel and doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Creating blog posts, videos, and posting testimonials on social media are all great and inexpensive ways to market yourself and your business.

Myth no. 5 – Print brochures and flyers are from the stone age
It’s no secret that internet marketing has outgrown traditional print flyers due to its accessibility and cost effectiveness, but a large number of consumers still pay attention to and enjoy print marketing. People today are bombarded with digital advertising and online marketing and have learned to ignore most of it, so print marketing is often a refreshing change of pace. When it comes to listing presentations specifically, 60% of agents still use paper marketing materials.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.48.38 AM
Myth no. 6 – Facebook is only for keeping up with friends and not advertising
One of the most powerful tools for online marketing today is Facebook. Why? Because 60% of Americans are on Facebook – that’s over 190 million people! Facebook is not only good for attracting new customers, but it also allows you to stay in touch with past clients as well. There are countless ways to take advantage of this platform with the use of Facebook Ads and Business Pages, just to name a few. If you want to learn more about these strategies, catch our webinar replay with special guest and social media marketing expert Katie Lance.

And there you have it! Your top 6 real estate myths have been squashed. Can you think of any other misconceptions real estate agents have? Let’s chat in the comments below.


6 responses to ‘The 6 Biggest Real Estate Marketing Myths, Squashed!

  1. I agree with Robb. You can do both and probably need both. One of the first things people as when they come into an open is, “do you have a flyer?”. And this goes for both agents and buyers that come through an open house.

    I would say the new flyer is video, which is also getting easier to do. I just bought a DJI Osmo to go along with my DJI Phantom 3 drone. The Osmo is a hand-held “Stedicam”. It is freaking amazing. Whether you do it yourself, or hire out, video is the way to go beyond paper.

    If you shoot your own video or stills, Animoto is a great place to give your images a professional touch. It’s paid but I think it’s worth it. Or you can just use YouTube. Either way.

  2. Hi Robb, I agree, creating a great on-line listing presentation is just as important as print brochures and flyers. But as the focus shifts online more – it’s important not to forget your print materials as well!

  3. Hi Roland, that is a great point. There are many people who could benefit from DIY photography who know their way around a camera and editing. However, for those who have hectic schedules and are not comfortable with a camera, hiring a photographer is the way to go!

  4. I have some disagreement with the DIY photography. With not to much effort and a moderate budget, can get pretty great DIY. I will grant you DIY is not for everyone. But if you have some spacial acuity and are a little geeky, give it a try.

  5. Myth no. 5 I believe should be a combo of both on-line and paper. How can you say you are great at marketing online but can’t produce an excellent on-line listing presentation. Once you are finished with the on-line presentation you can then leave a paper version for touch and feel.

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