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A Day in the Life of a Cloud Agent

At W+R Studios, we believe real estate agents deserve better tools. So what exactly does that mean? It means you should have professional level tools that are easy to use, make you look awesome, and save you time so you can focus more on selling real estate. Cloud Agents know the value in this which is why they utilize the Cloud Agent Suite: Cloud CMA, Cloud Streams, Cloud MLX, and Cloud Attract to generate new, leverage old, and grow their businesses. Let’s take a look inside the day in the life of a Cloud Agent and how they utilize the Cloud Agent Suite.

Cloud Agents attract their own leads
You know your own sphere of influence is your best kept secret for generating business. But in order to connect with your sphere when they’re ready to buy or sell a home, you need a lead magnet tool. This is why Cloud Agents use Cloud Attract. With Cloud Attract, they get their own branded landing pages that they easily share on Facebook, their website, or in an email to help generate leads from their own sphere of influence. Plus, they connect their Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams account to send a quick CMA report or Cloud Streams listing alerts, automatically. For a fraction of the price the big portals charge, Cloud Agents are generating their own quality leads for less.

Cloud Agents convert more leads
Today’s consumers expect quick responses. Which means, when you get a lead, you need to act fast to convert them. With the leads Cloud Agents generate through Cloud Attract, consumers are instantly sent either a CMA report or listing alerts automatically. Cloud CMA and Cloud Streams gives consumers what they want – a modern look and feel, with accurate data from your MLS, and big photos that are better than what they’re used to seeing from the portals.

Cloud Agents work smarter with their clients
You know you’re always on the go – between meeting new clients, going to listing presentations, or taking buyers on tours, you don’t spend a ton of time in the office. So being able to access your MLS on the go is critical. The problem is, searching your MLS with your phone or tablet can be pretty difficult. But, Cloud Agents don’t have this problem because with Cloud MLX, they can access their MLS data anytime, from any device. Gone are the days of “I’ll send that right over to you when I get back to the office.” Within Cloud MLX, Cloud Agents can create quick CMA reports, Buyer Tours, Property Reports, or even Cloud Streams listing alerts. In an era where clients want everything instantly, Cloud Agents have the right tools to deliver.

From generating leads, to meetings with prospects and turning them into clients, Cloud Agents are getting the most out of their Cloud Agent Suite tools to look awesome every step of the way.

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