Did You Know… Bad Listing Photos Can Actually Help You Win?

We’ve all seen those terrible listing photos on the MLS. You know, the ones with clothes all over the floor, messy desks, and kids’ rooms with toys strewn about. These photos are often so bad and so ridiculous, that someone even created a website solely dedicated to them: While you can’t stop bad listing photos from showing up on the MLS, you can use them to win your next listing.

“How?” you ask. Good question. Harness the power of “compare and contrast” at your next listing appointment.

First, take a look at the photos below:

Which photo is better? Hopefully, you’re thinking the one on the right. At first glance they look like two different homes, when in fact they’re the same one. This is exactly the type of exercise you need to go through at your next listing presentation when you explain how you’ll market a potential client’s home. Sometimes explaining what you’ll do simply isn’t enough, but showing them the difference between good and bad listing photos demonstrates a clear point.

By taking the time to explain that you value good photos, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition. Reiterate that the first thing a buyer sees when browsing for homes are photos and that great photos will help capture more eyes. This will put your clients at ease knowing that you will go above and beyond to market their home and get it sold.

Since you already understand the value of good photographs, apply this same concept to your CMA reports. If you’re still using MLS printouts, then consider switching to Cloud CMA reports instead. It’s as if your MLS print-outs are the bad MLS photos and Cloud CMA reports are the good ones.. Pair your beautiful photos with Cloud CMA to win more listings! Get it free for 30-days at


6 responses to ‘Did You Know… Bad Listing Photos Can Actually Help You Win?

  1. That’s a great point Charles. No matter the price of the home – the photos should always look good.

  2. Glad to hear Karen! You can bring so much out of a raw photo in post-processing!

  3. I do the exact same thing, Roland! I take advantage of every possible photo slot there is! I, too, have my own wide-angle lens camera which takes stellar photos, and then I spend at least 3-4 hours editing the photos (because editing is EVERYTHING!).

  4. Oh how I agree! a picture is far better than a thousand words. I have seen some very bad photos. Whether the home is a 100,000.00 home or 1,000,000.00 bad photos kill any interest in the home. Thanks for bring this up.

  5. Compare and contrast is a great listing tip. I take my own HDR listing photos and the clients are always impressed. But not just with the photos. I always tell a story in the way I lay out the photos. I order them in a way that walks you through the house. I also use a lot of photos. CRMLS allows 75 photos. I usually hit between 55 to 65 photos.

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