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Cloud CMA: More Than Just A Pretty CMA

While Cloud CMA makes awesome looking CMAs, did you know that it’s more than just what meets the eye? With Cloud CMA, you can also make Buyer Tours, Property Reports, Flyers, and interactive reports too! So no matter what kind of report you are making, you can feel confident that Cloud CMA will help keep your branding consistent and your clients happy. Let’s explore just how you can get more out of Cloud CMA with these additional report types.

Buyer Tours
They’re the perfect companion for when you take your buyers to view properties. During the tour, encourage your buyers to jot down notes on the specifically designed note taking pages. We also encourage you to add some extra content such as the down payment page, and the lower price/lower interest rate comparison page.  

Property Reports
If you haven’t used Cloud CMA’s Property Reports at your open houses, then you’re missing out. Instead of handing out a business card, Cloud CMA’s property reports are packed with important information like nearby restaurants, schools, homes recently sold in the area, and more. Plus, all Cloud CMA property reports are branded with your photo and contact information, so they can reach out directly with any questions they have.  

When it comes to marketing properties, design plays such an important role, so why use uninspiring MLS printouts when you can have a custom flyer instead? Flyers in Cloud CMA put listing photos and your contact information front and center. And even better, they only take a few minutes to create! 

Interactive CMAs/Buyer Tours
Consumers today are more tech-savvy than ever. They’re even dubbed the “on-demand” generation. They want information at the click of a button, whenever and wherever. So to live up to client expectations, shouldn’t your reports be easy to access too? Well, they are. Cloud CMA’s Interactive CMAs/Buyer Tours allow your clients to access these reports anytime, anywhere, from any device. You’ll no longer have to worry about printing out multiple copies for everyone, when you can just send them an interactive report in one click. Plus, using interactive reports makes you look extra professional and prepared in front of your clients. For more details on how to create these reports, check out this blog post.

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