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The Cloud CMA Power Pack is Now Better Than Ever

Our goal at W+R Studios has always been to help agents look awesome in front of clients and stand out from the competition. With Cloud CMA, we transformed standard MLS printouts into a modern-looking report to help agents win more listings. But now, with over 275,000 agents using Cloud CMA, simply showing up to a listing presentation with a Cloud CMA report might not be enough anymore.

Now more than ever, it’s important to take things a step further if you want to continue standing out against your competition. How? With the Cloud CMA Power Pack. Plus, with a recent update we made to the Power Pack, it’s even better than ever.

History of the Cloud CMA Power Pack
The Cloud CMA Power Pack was first introduced in 2013 with only 25 covers. Agents loved that the covers gave their reports that extra “pop” so it wasn’t too long before they were asking for more. The following year, we added an additional 25 covers along with extra content and illustrations to help our users educate their clients on the real estate process. Fast forward to 2017, the Power Pack is now better than ever.

Introducing the all new Luxe Power Pack
To help Cloud CMA agents get that extra “edge,” we teamed up with Los Angeles’ hottest real estate photographer – Michael McNamara of Shooting LA, to help us deliver 24 new luxury covers. Michael has photographed several homes of celebrities such as Madonna, Katy Perry, and more. We called upon his extensive library of photos and he helped us create the all new, Luxury Power Pack. Now, agents who get the Power Pack will have 74 covers to choose from!

With many agents across the nation receiving Cloud CMA as part of their MLS member benefits, the Power Pack is the perfect way to get yourself noticed. Plus, for the month of June you can get the Power Pack for 20% off the regular price!


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