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Getting Your Clients On Board With Cloud Streams

It’s no secret that Cloud Streams delivers the fastest real estate listing alerts in the industry. As a tech savvy agent, you know this, which is why you are using Cloud Streams. (If you are not currently using Cloud Streams, try it free at But sometimes it can be difficult to get your clients to use a tool that they are not familiar with, which can pose an interesting challenge. With that said, this post will give you some ideas on how to overcome your client’s objections to using Cloud Streams to find their next home.

If your client says, “But I already get listing alerts from Zillow”
You say, “I understand that you are currently using Zillow to get your listing alerts, but did you know that it sometimes takes new listings 24 hours or longer to appear on Zillow? This is because they rely on listing feeds to get their information, where Cloud Streams provides the fastest “real-time” listing alerts in the industry by streaming data directly from the MLS. If you want to find your dream home, you need to be the first to know about new listings, and the way to do that is by using Cloud Streams.”

If your client says, “I already have enough apps on my phone, I don’t need another”
You say, “While downloading the Cloud Streams app does make it easier to access new listings, it is not the only way to use it. Did you know, that in addition to the regular email alerts,  it also sends text alerts immediately to your phone when there is a new listing that fits your criteria? This alert includes the address, price, beds, baths, sq ft. and beautiful property photos that you can swipe through right on your phone! I understand that life is busy, and with Cloud Streams, you are able to look at the listings right away while on-the-go. See a home that you are really interested in? You are able to respond back to me to set up a time to look at the house or request more information from right inside Cloud Streams.”

If your client says, “I don’t have time or know how to set it up”
You say, “Cloud Streams is easy to use, you will receive an email from me with a “send me listings link”. You will then type in your housing criteria and voila! A list of properties will immediately populate for you to review. Don’t have time to set up your Cloud Streams account? No problem! I can set up your stream by entering your housing criteria and you will then receive a property listings email from me. This email will show three listings, along with an “accept invitation” link that will take you directly to your stream. It’s that simple!”

Cloud Streams is the best way to get your clients the home of their dreams. Even W+R Studios’ Marketing Director Frances Brittle found her condo using Cloud Streams. “The unit dropped into our price range and we got notified right away via Cloud Streams. We toured the property the same day and still weren’t the first ones there looking at it. We got our offer in first and ultimately, if it weren’t for Cloud Streams being so fast, we’d probably still be renting.”

Provide your clients with the tools they need to get on board with Cloud Streams and they will love you forever.


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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for your interest in Cloud Streams! You can reach us at 855-977-8834 and one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you.

  2. Have you added the search for Terms ( fha, conv, cash ect)
    I have fha buyers and they should only look at properties that they can afford.

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