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How to Crush it at Your Next Open House with Spacio

In today’s technology era, we hear about a new “must use” product, app, or service almost everyday (or so it feels). As a busy real estate professional running your own business, this can feel overwhelming. How do you know which ones will last? Which ones actually work?

W+R Studios co-founders, Greg Robertson and Dan Woolley, have been in the real estate industry for more than 25 years each and have seen many companies come and go. So when they see a new company come into the marketplace that solves real problems that real estate agents are having in their day-to-day, they get behind it.

This is what lead us to host a special webinar last month with Melissa Kwan, creator of the open house software – Spacio. If you haven’t heard of it yet here’s the gist: Spacio helps you to track and engage with people who attend your open house.

You can watch the full webinar below, but also here are 4 things you may not know about Spacio and how it will help you crush it at your next open house:

  1. It’s connected to Cloud CMA
    Bottomline, people are coming to your open house to learn more about your property. Of course you have your printed flyers on-site, but what happens when consumers lose them? Not only do they lose details about the listing, but they also lose your contact information. But when a visitor signs into your open house via Spacio, they are automatically sent a branded Cloud CMA Property Report with listing photos, details, area information, and best of all your contact information via email.
  2. It integrates with just about every major real estate software
    After your open house, the people who signed in via Spacio are now leads that you can add to your drip marketing campaigns. Since Spacio connects with just about every major real estate CRM, you can automatically start sending these new leads follow up emails. Check out the full list of who they integrate with here.
  3. It acts like a real-time PI (private investigator) on all leads
    After someone signs into the open house, Spacio pulls social and online data about the lead and shares it with you, via email, in real-time. Creepy? Maybe. Useful? Absolutely.
  4. You can use it in “offline mode”
    One big hang up for implementing new technology for on-the-go in situations, like open houses, is the fact that wifi and/or cell phone service are not always guaranteed. However, with Spacio’s iPad app you can go into “offline mode” so you can still capture leads digitally regardless of where you are.

Melissa Kwan and W+R Studios’ Greg Robertson and Ricardo Bueno go into more detail and share more open house tricks in the full webinar – check it out below!



Spacio is free to try for the first 30 days! Sign up with no obligation and put it to work at your next open house and experience it firsthand. Sign up for Spacio today.


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