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Steal This! How One Agent Sold Nine Listings In Her First Year

It’s rare that you find an agent who will say “I love prospecting.” No matter which method you choose – door knocking, cold calling, or online lead generation programs – prospecting can be a cumbersome experience.

That’s why, when I met listing specialist April Kass and heard her go into great length on how much she loves prospecting, I was a little speechless.

Her preferred method of prospecting is DOOR KNOCKING. Yep – you read that correctly. Door knocking. In her first year of real estate she obtained 16 listings and closed 9 of them- totaling in over 5.2 million dollars in sales. HER FIRST YEAR.  

So, how did she pull it off? Here are a few things you can steal from April so you too can start closing even more listings:

  1. Door knock before your next open house
    Using an open house to generate seller leads may not be the most obvious thing to do when you are planning your next open house. However, April uses her upcoming open houses as a conversation starter while door knocking. She’ll ask neighbors if they know anyone looking to buy in the neighborhood that might be interested in attending an upcoming open house.
  2. Use price as a strategy
    April knows that in order to attract buyers and sell a home quickly you need to list at the right price. She constantly tells her clients that “pricing is a strategy and not a destination”. After pulling comps in the area she advises her clients to price slightly under their ideal list price, as it will get more buyers in the door and drive up offers.
  3. Use assumptive statements
    The cardinal rule in sales is to always assume they are already your client. During listing presentations, make sure to use statements such as, “when we get ready to put your house on the market” to paint the picture of them working with you before they even have agreed to do so. It’s simple – but it really does work!

If you are interested in hearing more April Kass success stories  – check out the full recording from a webinar we did with her last month.


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  1. ‘Prospecting is forever… Sent me your relocating client! You’ll be glad you did.
    Viva Las Vegas!

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