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Stop Wasting Your Time With Window-Shopper Buyers

Every real estate agent who works with buyers at one point will have an experience with a tirelessly choosy and indecisive client. After driving them to see an endless amount of homes they end up not buying anything – leaving you, the real estate agent, feeling defeated and annoyed. All buyers are indecisive on some level but how do you determine a choosy buyer from an unqualified one? Getting more aggressive in your sales process will help to determine real clients from the “window-shoppers”.

Review: The Sales Process

  1. Qualify
    Do they have a budget? Do they have a real problem you can solve? (Are they moving for work, are they moving to get into another school district, etc.) Do they have a timeline that they need to move by? Qualifying does not stop there though. Asking pointed questions in the beginning is important so you can weed out buyers who will string you along and waste your time.
  2. Selling Yourself 
    Simply put, why should they work with you? Why are you better than your competitors? Use tools like RealSatisfied to share past client reviews, prepare a strong presentation of yourself, and share tools that you use to help them find their dream home (like Cloud Streams).
  3. Selling the Urgency
    Why should they buy right now versus later? Selling the urgency is your close! So don’t be shy to be a little pushy here but also understand any timeline that they have previously given you as well.

Action: Getting More Aggressive 
Simply put, being more aggressive in your sales process will weed out people who are not qualified, who don’t work well with you, and who will likely give you the run around for months because they aren’t ready. When you get aggressive with your sales process it frees up more time to seek out buyers who are qualified and ready to buy. Don’t be afraid to let go of bad leads! Being aggressive does not mean you have to treat prospects with any less respect either, it simply means you are becoming a more efficient real estate professional.

Remember, just because a consumer is not ready to buy right now doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future! Stay in contact with every person you come into contact with.




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