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How This Tech-Powered Brokerage is Changing the Future of Real Estate

It’s no surprise that real estate brokerages have changed drastically in the past 10-15 years – from Redfin’s launch in 2004 and increased popularity by 2010. Like it or not, we will continue to see more virtual brokerages in the future.

Recently, we announced a partnership between Cloud CMA and a new virtual brokerage, Real. With this integration, all of their agents now have free access to Cloud CMA and are able to send reports from within in the Real app, in just one click.

But how is the tech-powered brokerage, Real, changing the future of real estate? Here are just a few ways:

  1. They want you to keep 100% of your commission
    Like any other brokerage, every Real agent starts off the year by splitting their commission with the Broker. However unlike other brokerages, after Real agents sell certain amount they are able to keep 100% of their commissions for the rest of the year.
  2. They give you leads for free.
    Every month Real evenly distributes leads that are generated via their App to their agents. Of course, agents should still explore other methods to generate their own leads, but for a newer agent or when it’s a down time you can still receive leads without having to put forth any effort.
  3. They hold weekly online trainings.
    Every week Real holds marketing calls for all of their agents where they share marketing tips to help their agents learn to generate their own leads. So even though you will never necessarily get face-to-face training, they still provide you with hands on guidance to help you do your job better.

Still not sure if making the switch to a virtual brokerage is right for you? Visit for more information on how their brokerage works or get in touch with someone from their team.


4 responses to ‘How This Tech-Powered Brokerage is Changing the Future of Real Estate

  1. Hey Roland,

    I agree.. A virtual brokerage may not be for everyone but it certainly is interesting! I would be interested to get more detailed information on the agents who have made the switch to that style of brokerage.

  2. Hey Dan,

    Thanks for your interest – please reach out to their team for detailed information 🙂

  3. It’s certainly a thought provoking concept for an agent to consider. I like forward looking tech centric brokerages. I’m personally ratter iffy about not having an office to go to.

    On the tech centric side I would lean more towards Compass. Oddly enough, their search resembles Cloud MLX.

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