Want More Referrals? Do This 1 Thing

I often hear real estate agents say, “I don’t really focus on lead gen, I only work off referrals and have plenty of business.” It’s no secret that referral leads are the best leads, so what’s can you do to get more?

Be referable.

You might be rolling your eyes and thinking, “Duh” right about now, but hear me out. If one of your friends asked you for a new hairstylist, would you refer them to anyone that you were not absolutely certain would deliver a good experience? Probably not. And while a bad haircut is unfortunate, in the grand scheme of things it is far, far less earth shattering than a making a mistake with a real estate purchase.

Remember that for your clients, buying or selling a house, whether it’s their first time or 10th, is an emotional process. And while some clients are easy to work with, others will drag out the process and make you more and more annoyed each day. So maybe you rush them – just a little. It happens, we are all human. But unfortunately you may leave your client feeling that you didn’t truly have their best interest at heart.

So the ONE thing you can do to avoid this and generate more referral leads is…

Be empathetic towards your clients wants and needs.

In fact, empathy in business has become a rising topic in the past few years. Companies are focusing less on the “sell, sell, sell”/ “buy, buy, buy” and more on making real connections with their consumers. Taking this same approach in your real estate business results in? A tribe of people who support your mission, stand behind your business, and promote you to others.

When you truly master the art of being empathetic, surpassing the competition is easy.

Here at W+R Studios we are passionate about building tools that help solve everyday problems for the real estate community. Our goal is to make your life easier.  We understand our customers’ needs, continually make improvements to our products based on feedback, and in turn we have a tribe of people who promote us.

Have you ever had an experience where it paid to be empathetic? Or a time when you rushed a client and got a negative result? Share with in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you. Also, if you want to stay up to date with new products, updates, and blogs like these subscribe to our monthly Newsletter!


2 responses to ‘Want More Referrals? Do This 1 Thing

  1. Hey Barry,

    I agree that customer service is what really goes a long, long way for any type of business. This other agent in your office is lucky that you are a good person and disposed of that sensitive information!! Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

  2. Brokers & managers need to communicate this point to their agents and representatives. The general lack of empathy is a direct result of poor training and even worse, a lack of ethics not just in the real estate industry but in most industries. Customer service has been replaced by a dog eat dog mentality. Consider this, we have to screen our calls and emails because of the explosion of scammers. Example,I sat at one of our work stations the other day clicked the computer screen open and found myself looking at someone`s social security number, address, work info etc!!! Now I understand that we are human, we all mess up, this was obviously an oversight by a fellow agent. I went to one of our managers and told her what happened, suggesting we need to stress to everyone the importance of security and all I got was a roll of the eyes and a shrug! I simply deleted the info out of concern for the client. Was I overreacting?

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