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Win More Listings with Testimonials

Did you know that a whopping 88% of consumers read reviews to gain insight into a product or service before making a purchasing decision? Chances are you’ve personally checked Yelp reviews before trying a new restaurant or read the product reviews before purchasing something on Amazon. We are, in fact, a review-obsessed society.

So how do you take this knowledge and apply it to your real estate business to win more listings?

Simply put: Start leveraging testimonials.

Testimonials are your best secret weapon to win more listings thanks to a little psychological phenomenon called, social influence. This just means that people’s emotions, behaviors, or opinions are often molded by information that we receive from other people. We want to know that someone else has had a good experience with a product or service before we use it. A consumer who’s looking to sell their home, wants to work with an agent they know others have had a good experience with as well.

90% of consumers start their real estate search online.

When consumers they are looking for an agent, there’s a good chance they will land on one of the real estate portals. Now let’s put ourselves in their shoes for a minute. In an area like, Huntington Beach, CA there are over 200 real estate agents – so what’s going to be a deciding factor for a consumer when choosing which real estate agents to contact? The agent’s reviews, or client testimonials. A consumer will choose a 5 star agent with 100+ testimonials over a 5 star agent with only 5.

A listing presentation is your time to shine.

When preparing for your next listing appointment, make sure to incorporate your testimonials into your presentation. As you work through information such as your suggested list price and marketing plan, also read through your testimonials with your prospective client. Explain to them your approach to working with clients and allow them to ask any questions they might have.

Your client reviews will tell the story of what it’s like to work with you.

Whether you use Zillow, RealSatisfied, or Reach150 to collect your client testimonials, it’s super easy to incorporate your reviews into your Cloud CMA reports. Simply connect your accounts in Settings and then add them to your next report.

If the process of getting referrals seems arduous to you, then check out this webinar we recently did with Reach150. During the webinar they walked us through how their system makes collecting testimonials super easy, plus how to leverage them to generate leads!


If you aren’t using Cloud CMA, try it FREE for the first 30 days and start writing more offers and winning more listings.


2 responses to ‘Win More Listings with Testimonials

  1. Hey Jack – Thanks for sharing the idea! Our partnership with Reach150 is fairly new and we always welcome any feedback on how to improve your user experience. I will pass this along to our team for consideration. Hope you have a great day!

  2. FYI the webinar replay was not hyperlinked.

    Suggestion*** As a long time subscriber of REACH150 I was happy yo see the integration. However, it would be very helpful to have a link to the personal page as you only show the first 2 pages of testimonials. For someone that has many testimonials, this would be important and provide additional branding for the agent. Thanks

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